The Conservative Case Against Patent Reform


By Ken Blackwell in The Daily Caller

After six years of Barack Obama and his Democrat allies in Congress pledging to “fix” every sector of the economy with one-size-fits-all Washington “solutions” (and failing miserably), you will never guess what some Republicans in Washington are planning to do in January when they get complete control of Capitol Hill. If you guessed that they’re planning to join the White House legislate a government takeover of another sector of our economy, you would be right.

After the attempts to “fix” health care and our financial system through big government overhauls, some are looking to rush into “patent reform” that would overhaul the entire system of patents, which is a critical part of our constitutional protection of property rights. There has been a great deal of speculation in the media and among pundits that Republicans may move quickly on this issue to demonstrate that they are willing to work with the president on an issue.

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