White House “Patent Troll” Report Challenged under the Federal Information Quality Act.


By Ron D. Katznelson in Patently-O

A letter to Congress from 51 professors of law and economics argues that “the net effect of patent litigation is to raise the cost of innovation and inhibit technological progress.”  In response, an equally strong letter to Congress from other 40 professors of law and economics expresses “deep concerns with the many flawed, unreliable, or incomplete studies about the American patent system that have been provided to members of Congress.”  The response letter defends the patent system and notes a pattern of analytical flaws in some studies underlying the 51 professors’ letter, listing basic empirical analysis reliability criteria that such studies fail to meet.  Are criteria for reliable empirical analysis fungible? Should our patent policy turn on a “they said – they said” contest?

The answer must be a resounding NO.